Sunday, 18 November 2012

Slavic Germany

There was very little known about Slavs and their culture who lived in present day Mecklenburg, Western Pomerania until the end of the World War 2. During 2nd and 3rd Reich, for political reasons, archaeological artefacts found in these areas were attributed to ‘German Vikings’ instead of the confederation of western Slavic tribes known as Obodrites.

The landmarks such as ramparts of Mecklenburg, Dobin, Ilow, Quetzin, Teterow, Werle and others from the period during which the region was populated by Slavic tribes were also attributed to ‘German Vikings’.

After World War II much was done to restore historical justice by historians, archeologists and scientists of German Democratic Republic. In particular, by Professor Ewald Shuldt  whose ancestors were from Mecklenburg land. Since his appointment as the director of the prehistoric department of Historical Museum of Schweriner in 1953, he devoted his life to the study of Slavic settlements around the cities of Schwerin (Slavic: Zverin) – Rostock and Neubrandenburg.
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