Sunday, 18 November 2012

Slavic Origins. A Linguistic-Historical Workshop

Slavic Origins. A Linguistic-Historical Workshop

Wolfson College, Oxford, 10 December 2012
organized by Ilya Yakubovich and Marek Jankowiak
Research Fellows at Wolfson College

Slavic origins remain a highly contentious topic. Within their respective fields, scientists
produced widely diverging visions of the emergence of the Slavic language
and identity. From the picture the gradual emergence of common Slavic from
Balto-Slavic inherent in the methodology of traditional historical linguistics,
to a historian’s vision of the making of the Slavs in the shadow of Justinianic
limes on the Danube in the 6th century AD, the divide seems impossible to
bridge. Are these perspectives irreconcilable? What are the premises of the
respective positions? What do we mean by “Slavic origins”?

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