Sunday, 27 January 2013

Bulgaria Funds Varna Roman Baths Restoration with BGN 3 M

The Roman Baths are one of the most valuable monuments of culture in Bulgaria's Black Sea city of Varna.
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Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister and Finance MinisterSimeon Djankov, has pledged the significant amount of BGN 3 M for restoration and conservation of the historical Roman Baths in the Black Sea city of Varna.
The sum came as a pleasant surprise to archaeologists who have asked for BGN 200 000.
Djankov made the pledge during a discussion organized by the Bulgarian Standard daily in Varna in the frame of the newspaper's campaign "The Miracles of Bulgaria."
The Minister stated the idea to provide significant funds under the Via Ponticaprogram was not to give more money for archaeological research, but to make existing archaeological sites more attractive in order to boost tourism. He called on archaeologists to be creative in inventing names and stories around their discoveries.
The program is named after the Via Pontica bird migration flyway.

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