Monday, 18 February 2013

Bulgarian Archaeologists Uncover Major Roman Thermae

A Bulgarian team of archaeologists have discovered well-preserved remains of aRoman bath in the ancient Bulgarian town of Sozopol.
The news was revealed by National Museum of History director Bozhidar Dimitrov.
"The team, led by Sozopol Archaeology Museum director Dimitar Nedev has made the discovery as part of its digs in the area in front of Sozopol's fortress walls," said the historian.
According to Dimitrov, the thermae building is 18 meters long and features an intricate water supply systems as well as numerous pools of various sizes.
"Except for Roman baths in Hissarya and Varna, this is the best-preserved Romanbath in Bulgarian lands," added he.
Dimitrov expressed satisfaction at the string of discoveries made in Sozopol, which he said will make an attractive open-air exhibit once archaeological works are completed.

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ARCHI The Archaeological Sites Index

ARCHI, the online searchable archaeological database, has added a new feature that allows users to add sites to their world-wide database.

The online form is easy to use and should prove to be an extremely useful addition to this site.

You can find the online form at:

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Archaeology Summer Courses at Oxford

The Oxford Experience is offering a number of archaeology courses this summer.

Each course lasts for one week and participants stay in the 16th century college of Christ Church.

The courses offered are:

Cathedrals of Britain by James Bond
An Introduction to Archaeology by David Beard
The Black Death by Trevor Rowley (course full)
Bishop Odo and the Bayeux Tapestry by Trevor Rowley
Colleges of Oxford by Julian Munby
The Architecture and Archaeology of Medieval Churches by David Beard (course full)
Cotswold Towns by Trevor Rowley
Treasures of the British Museum by Michael Duigan (course full)
Churches of England by Kate Tiller
Treasures of the Ashmolean Museum by Gail Bent
The Age of Stonehenge by Scott McCracken
The World of the Vikings by David Beard

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Saturday, 16 February 2013

EMAS Easter Study Tour to Yorkshire

There are still a few places available on the Easter archaeological study tour to Yorkshire.

The Study Tour is organized by EMAS, the University of London Extra-Mural Archaeological Society, and is open to any one.

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Monday, 4 February 2013

Das Schwert des Fürsten

Ende der 1990er Jahre entdeckten Archäologen in Usedom das prachtvolle Kammergrab eines slawischen Fürsten aus dem späten 11. Jahrhundert. Diese aufwändig gebaute Kammer befand sich inmitten eines Gräberfeldes und enthielt neben wertvollen Schalen und Münzen auch ein kostbares Schwert. Für die große CREDO-Ausstellung in Paderborn wird dieses Kammergrab mit Beigaben im Museum in der Kaiserpfalz rekonstruiert und erstmals einem breiten Publikum gezeigt. Die Exponate sind Eigentum des Landesamtes für Kultur und Denkmalpflege Schwerin.
Das Schwert und weitere Beigaben werden vor ihrer Präsentation in den Werkstätten des Landschaftverbandes Westfalen-Lippe (LWL) restauriert. In einem komplizierten Prozess wird das wertvolle Schwert konserviert, wobei die eigentliche Substanz nicht beschädigt werden darf. "Ein in seiner organischen Substanz so gut erhaltenes Schwert hatten wir bislang nur selten in unseren Werkstätten. Zudem zeigen der Schaft und die Klingenform eine Form, die sich in Westfalen so nicht findet", sagt Andreas Weisgerber, Restaurator der LWL-Archäologie für Westfalen Lippe.

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